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  • Memorandum of Understanding CERVIM-ITER VITIS (May 7th, 2010)

    On May 14th CERVIM - Centre for Research, Studies, Safeguarding, Coordination and Valorisation for the Mountain Viticulture and the Iter Vitis International Association signed a three-year memorandum of understanding for the valorisation of heroic viticulture, landscape culture and enogastronomic products. The agreement results from a common precondition of the two realities: the consideration that the mountain is one of the souls of the European territory and viticulture is deeply linked to the authenticity of its originatingterritories, to the local roots, to the peasant culture. In Castiglione di Sicilia, the President of CERVIM, François Stevenin, and the Director of Iter Vitis, Gregorio Sparacino signed the agreement. The parties havecommitted to promoting biodiversity, native and ancient vines and good practices to make the cultivation of the vine more and more sustainable, to implementing research and disseminating the information on this heritage, to fostering a conscious tourism.


  • Positive opinion for the entry of the European Cultural Route Iter Vitis - Les chemins de la vigne in the Board for the historical, cultural and religious Routes of MIBAC (May 2010)

    On May 18ththe Scientific Committee of the "Board for Historical, Cultural and Religious Itineraries" - established as part of the General Directorate for Libraries and Cultural Institutes of the Ministry of Environmental and Cultural Heritage and chaired by Prof. Antonio Paolucci, expressed a favourable opinion on the access of "Iter Vitis - Les chemins de la vigne", European Cultural Route, to the Board.
    Therefore, Iter Vitis will become part of the program to promote the cultural, architectural and landscape heritage of our country started in 2006 by MIBAC, the European Association of Municipalities on the Via Francigena, “The Phoenicians’ Route”International Association and Via Carolingia Association.
    Paolo Benvenuti expresses greatsatisfaction for this recognition as director of the Città del Vino Association and president of the Executive Committee of the Iter Vitis International Association, constituted in Sambuca di Sicilia on April 19th, 2007 with the main aim of promoting, valorising and protecting the European, material and immaterial heritage of the culture of vine and wine, developing its knowledge and fruition through the creation and management of itineraries characterised by the presence of vineyards, vines, enological, cultural and religious goods and traditions. In addition to the Città del Vino Association, the founder members of "Iter Vitis"are the Terre Sicane Wine Route, the Regional Coordination Roads of Sicilian Wine, the GAL Kroton and Terre del Gattopardo, the Cooperative Credit Bank of Sambuca di Sicilia and the Planeta and Donnafugata companies.


  • Domus Iter Vitis (Dicembre 2012)

    Domus Iter Vitis is an initiative of cultural and social tourism launched by the Association, which provides travellers with a “domus“to learn and experience other local realities, through the discovery of territorial identities and guided participation in cultural events.
    to learn and experience other local realities, through the discovery of territorial identities and guided participation in cultural events.” – Paolo Benvenuti, President of Iter Vitis Association says – “Thus, an innovative form of tourism is inaugurated, which pays attention to the sense of welcome and sociality, the founding values of the Association, to arouse a spirit of common belonging. An initiative that aims to develop and strengthen the associative network and which blends leisure, sociability and knowledge”. With such a spirit, a tourism that looks at the world through the eyes of the mind to search the world of history, traditions and art behind the evocative images of the natural environment is proposed.“Because today's tourism offer ” – Paolo Benvenuti continues – “can not be exhausted exclusively in the availability of hotel or restaurant, but requires the visitor to be able to know and appreciate a territory, and to know and appreciate italso in its historical-artistic characteristics, besides its natural and landscape aspects”.
    After the opening of the first Iter Vitis Domus in December 2012 inside the Palazzo Panitteri of Sambuca di Sicilia (AG), prestigious headquarters of the "Giuseppe Panitteri" Association and Archaeological Museum, the opening of the second Iter Vitis Domus followed in one of the houses of the scattered hotel Ecobelmonte (the only one recognised by ADI in Calabria), in Belmonte Calabro (CS).


  • Memorandum of Understanding between Iter Vitis and ADI (November 2013)

    Signed on November 18thin Portico di Romagna (FC), a Memorandum of Understanding between Iter Vitis and ADI will see the two associations work together on the developing of a sustainable hospitality system.
    The Scattered Hotels National Association and the International Association of “Iter Vitis-Les Chemins de la Vigne” European Cultural Route thus share a common interest in the enhancement of the territories and their cultural and social tangible and intangible heritage.
    In addition to forms of joint communication and promotion of their respective activities, ADI and Iter Vitis will collaborate in the implementation of Italyn and European projects aimed at implementing knowledge and availability of cultural destinations and paths through sustainable and coherent tourism forms for economic development and youth employment. In particular, Iter Vitis commits to promote initiatives in the member Municipalities to foster awareness and the creation of scattered hotels, and in its associate territories in general to encourage them to become members of ADI. ADI will put effort into promoting the “Iter Vitis Domus” logo among its associates, whether it is possible, and therefore the adhesion to Iter Vitis. ADI and Iter Vitis will arrange the best and favourable conditions aimed to their members for the adhesion of the respective Associations. The President of ADI, Giancarlo Dall'Ara, and the President of Iter Vitis, Paolo Benvenuti signed the Memorandum.
    Benvenuti expresses great satisfaction underlining that this agreement is a natural continuation of the line of intervention undertaken by the Association with the “Iter Vitis Domus” brand,which identifies and promotes a quality hospitality in the places that tell something about wine and the vine. Pino Suriano was also present at the meeting, and bore witness to the secondIter Vitis Domus (the first one was opened in 2012 in Palazzo Panitteri, in Sambuca di Sicilia - AG), inaugurated in May in the historic centre of Belmonte Calabro, an ancient village of medieval origin in the province of Cosenza. "But, even more important - Benvenuti continues - it is the value of “creating a system”, the possibility of increasing the capacities of the two networks thanks to the exchange of experience gained so far by the two Associations, thanks to mutual support and dissemination of tourism opportunities respectful of the territory, the resident communities, the landscape and the environment among its members. Innovative forms of tourism, which pay attention to the sense of welcome and sociability, to arouse a spirit of common belonging.”


  • Sur le traces de Magon (2012-2016)

    The MAGON Project was completed on July 20th,2016 in Tunis, launched in 2012 with European Union funding to build a symbolic bridge among the landscapes of western Sicily,of the ancient city of Selinunte and its Chora, characterised by one of the largest concentrations of vineyards in Europe, and the landscapes between Carthage and Kerkouane (the two archaeological sites recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site), holders of the most renowned Aoc in the northeast of Tunisia. A “journey of knowledge” between the territory of Carthage and the one of Selinunte, two of the most important cities of the western Mediterranean, combining the culture of wine with the extraordinary archaeological heritage and the Mediterranean diet (recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage) present in both countries.
    A thick network of subjects supports it: Iter Vitis - Les chemins de la vigne International Association, Terre SicaneStrada del Vino Association, Città del Vino National Association, Selinunte-Cave di Cusa Archaeological Park, Superintendence for the Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Agrigento, Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Mediterranean Fishing Soat of Sciacca, Chambre des producteurs des boissons alcolisee (CNPBA) - Union Tunisienne de l’Industrie du Commerce et de l’Artisanat (UTICA), Agence pour la Mise en Valeur du Patrimoine et de Promotion Culturelle (Amvppc), Federation Tunisienne des Agences de Voyages et de Tourisme e Institut National de Patrimoine (Inp).
    Among the important results of the cross-border cooperation project we mention the creation of a new Wine Route in Tunisia which will be the pivot of the integrated tourism itinerary MAGON - “LE CHEMIN DE LA VIGNE MÉDITERRANÉÈNNE SUR LE TRACES DE MAGON.
    In order to ensure the operational development of the activities of ITER VITIS MAGON, the closing day of the project - held in the splendid setting of the Bardo Museum in Tunis - marked the birth of a further phase of collaborationamong the Italyn and Sicilian partners, thanks to the Convention between the International Iter Vitis-Les chemins de la vigne association, the Terre Sicane Strada del Vino Association and the Chambre des producteurs des boissons alcolisee (CNPBA) - UTICA signed by their respective presidents Paolo Benvenuti, Marilena Barbera and Mohamed Ben Cheikh. Dr Barbera was assigned the task of representing the integrated cultural tourism itinerary ITER VITIS MAGON, with the commitment offosteringthe strategic marketing plan developed during the cooperation project, also through the elaboration of specific holiday packages of cultural-turistintegrated offers, while Mohamed Ben Cheikh and Michelina Lauretta (former President and General Secretary of the new Route des Vins Magon Tunisie Association) have been appointed President and General Secretary of the ITER VITIS TUNISIA association. The convention puts emphasis on the value of the cooperation experimented through the construction of the ITER VITIS MAGON itinerary and on the opportunity to allow Tunisian partners to participate in the building process of the ITER VITIS FEDERATION (consisting of national or supra-national associations), through the establishment of its own autonomous ITER VITIS TUNISIA association, broadening the membership base to qualified public and private subjects who can effectively contribute to the development of wine culture, of the activities of the integrated cultural tourism itinerary and cultural cooperation with the countries of European Union and of the Council of Europe.
    Finally, it is important to remember “Magon. Stories of land, sea and wine between Carthage and Selinunte”, published by the Cucchiaio d'Argento: a fascinating photographic tale (a hundred pages of images and text in three languages) by Stefano Caffarri dedicated to the history of the vine between the two shores of the Mediterranean along the last thirty centuries of history. The book will not be in bookshops, but will be distributed by the Project to its representatives - the authorities, municipalities, travel agencies, tourism offices - as an invitation to travel along the ITER VITIS to MAGON itinerary.

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