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Crimea is a region of great vine and wine-making vocation. The mild climate, with sunny summers and wet winters, favors the cultivation of vineyards, often terraced, on the shores of the Black Sea. In the countryside of Morskoje, not far from Sudak, there is an experimental vineyard with more than 150 noble varieties of wine grapes, even if the wine cellars do not make more than fifty varieties to produce different types of wine. The best ones are sweet, even very sweet, with a marsala flavor and high alcohol content. In the Valley of the Sun next to aligote, muscadet, pinot gris, pinot noir and riesling vines of oriental origin flourish, such as sara-pandas and ekim-kara, or the Caucasian ones like rkatsiteli and saperavi. The Museum of Kerch, a modern port city in a beautiful location between the Black Sea and the Azov Sea, hosts archaeological finds and other material pertinent to the wine culture of antiquity.

Info: www.kerchrada.gov.ua

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