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Public and private entities, both of member countries of the Council of Europe and not, can adhere to the Association, with a formal request by filling in and sending to info@itervitis.eu the forms below.

The admission is deliberated by the Steering Committee and is finalised with the payment of the membership fee if required.

Are Founder Members public or private subjects, by virtue of which the official recognition of “Iter Vitis”European Cultural Route of the Council of Europe has been obtained.

Are Members Ordinari territorial public Institutions, Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, Unions of Municipalities, Mountain Communities in the different meanings of individual European countries.

Are Extraordinary members private companies in the wine-making, wine and food and hospitality sectors, the Wine Roads and their local and national coordination, the public and private wine shops, the private Wine Museums, the banks, the foundations, the Chambers of Commerce.

Are Honorary Members States and/or the Governmentsof the Council of Europe member Countries, the Public Wine Museums, the Museums in general, the Universities, the Superintendencies of Cultural and Architectural Heritage, the Public and Private Libraries, the Churches and Religious communities, natural and legal persons and moral bodies with the favourable opinion of the Steering Committee.

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