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The European Federation Iter Vitis is a non-profit association of indeterminate duration, which results from the International Association Iter Vitis established in 2007 in Sambuca di Sicilia (province of Agrigento, Sicily) with the aim of promoting and preserving the tangible and intangible European heritage of wine and vineculture through the realisation and management of the route “Iter Vitis - Les Chemins de la Vigne”, recognised as 25th European Cultural Route by the Council of Europe on May 15th, 2009 (www.coe.int/en/web/cultural-routes/the-iter-vitis-route).

The institutional and legal head officesare in Sambuca di Sicilia (Palazzo Panitteri)and the operating office could vary according to the strategies and the orientation that will be considered more appropriate for the valorisation of the Route itself.

As established in Viana do Castelo on July 1st, 2015, members of each European country, gathered in associations or in other ways allowed by the Statute, or members of several countries aggregated in a way that represents a single association interacting with the Federation, for exampleIter Vitis France, Iter Vitis Italy, Iter Vitis Balcanici (Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Greece, etc.), Iter Vitis Iberica (Spain and Portugal), etc. can join the network.

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