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Favignana is the largest island of the Egadi archipelago, also called, due to its shape, the "butterfly" of the Egadi. The ancient name Aegusa underlined this particularity, while the current one derives from Favonio, which is a west wind that determines the mild climate of the island and that has a providential effect on the cultivated vineyards, naturally defending the grapes from the attacks of molds and parasites that could weigh on viticulture.

From this production context, so particular for its pedoclimatic conditions and its surprising scenic beauty, at the beginning of the ‘900s the vitis vinifera disappeared.

Thanks to the Progetto Insulae in the vineyards of the Firriato Estate, which have an extension of five hectares just a few steps away from the sea - the vines “ad alberello” will now be replanted on sandy terrains, between emerging tuff rocks and red sand. The sea will have a fundamental role in forging the organoleptic properties of the grapes and therefore of the wine that will derive from them, donating a bag of saline components of great value.

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