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Lectures with expert teachers to reveal the most intimate secrets of local viticulture and tastings at local companies, to test the results of the work illustrated in the classroom: this is the secret of the success of the Stage “Città del Vino” for oenologists and winemakers, who for over ten years have been accompanying Europe and beyond, discovering the most interesting vines in the world.

Georgia, Israel, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, France. These are just some of the countries touched by the Stage in these years, countries that have opened their doors and hearts to the groups of students and winemakers from all over Italy and Europe, eager to know and experience international viticulture.

2018 is the year of the discovery of the home of Dionysius, the god of wine: the island of Crete. In mythology Dionisio marries Arianna, the daughter of King Minos, bringing the art of making wine to Crete. Crete was one of the first places, in ancient times, to begin the tradition of growing grapes for the production of wine and the oldest winery in the world of Crete. One of the most fascinating wine-growing areas in the world.

In addition to the theoretical lectures given by Professor Attilio Scienza, the participants - who stayed in Rethymno, recently proclaimed European wine city together with the Portuguese Torres Vedras / Alenquer and Rethimnos - were given the chance to visit the cellars and taste the wines of the KLADOS and DOURAKIS companies

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